Internet Use Policy: In order to allow patrons the opportunity to use library computers, individuals are limited to two logins per day. Initial login time is one hour, but this time can be extended to up to two hours provided at least two computers are available at Headquarters, or no one is waiting at our branch libraries. Patrons must be in good standing with the Lenawee District LIbrary to use library equipment. There is no time limit for those connected to the library WiFi.

Donations Policy:  The library accepts donations at its Headquarters (4459 W US 223, Adrian) during regular business hours.  The library does not accept:  textbooks, manuals, encyclopedias, reference materials, magazines older than 2 years old, books in poor condition, books older than 25 years old, or more than 25 items at a time.  The library also has the right to refuse any items that do not meet our policy standards. 

Meeting Room Policy: The meeting room is available to reserve but MUST meet all of our standards, including being open to the public; non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit groups and more.  Click HERE for a complete list of rules and regulations.

Unattended Child Policy: The responsibility for the care, safety and behavior of children using the library rests with the parent/guardian or caregiver. A caregiver must be at least 16 years of age. Children through age 12 must have a parent or caregiver in the immediate vicinity unless they are participating in a library program. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children. Please contact your local LDL branch for full information on our "Unattended Child Policy".

Fines and Fees:  Fines must be under $10.00 in order for a patron to be allowed item checkout.  If a patron, or those associated with that patron (parents and children), is above $10.00 then no one will be allowed to check out items until the account is taken care of.

Lost or Damaged Materials: Items that are lost or damaged are charged a replacement fee based on the price of the item PLUS a processing fee.  Items damaged while in possession of the patron is their liability. It is up to library staff to access damaged items and decide upon a course of action.

Unique Collection Agency: The library uses a collection agency for patrons who do not return items or pay fines in a timely manner.  A $12.00 charge is added to a patron's account once they are sent to collections.