A lot has changed in the last few months, but the Lenawee District Library is still dedicated to bringing you the best Summer Reading Program we can. So, we are happy to announce Summer Reading 2020: Imagine Your Story starting June 8th! 

Summer Reading will look different from previous years. In the interests of public health and the safety of our patrons, staff, and performers, we are making some changes to comply with social-distancing rules and regulations in the age of COVID-19.  We have made the difficult decision to forgo all in-person programming, including WOW! Wednesdays, storytimes, and craft programs. However, we will be offering:

  • Digitally delivered programming from presenters
  • Digital and paper participation
  • Suggested activities for the whole family
  • Take-home activity bags for the family to enjoy (when possible)

We will still have reading challenges for children, teens, and adults, which will function largely the same as previous years, including awards for challenge completion and entries into prize drawings. This summer, we are excited to offer an online participation option for all reading challenges. These will include:

  • A digital log to keep track of reading and challenges. While it won’t look exactly like the Bingo cards and Challenge cards, the challenges, requirements, and prize eligibility will be the same
  • A mobile-friendly interface to keep up with your reading while on the go
  • The ability to write reviews of the books you read to share with others

For anyone looking for an analog edition of Summer Reading, the logs, Bingo cards, and challenge cards can be downloaded HERE. When curbside pick-up has been implemented at the library, printed handouts can be acquired at our branch locations.

Continue reading for more information regarding our online participation as well as links to access and print of all necessary documents.

What if the library isn’t operational by June 8th? Can we start registering and participating in SRP?

- Yes. Online registration will begin on June 8th, regardless of library status and operations. If patrons prefer instead to participate in SRP offline and use our traditional paper-methods, all the challenge / BINGO cards, entry slips and reading logs are available for printing. For ALL OF THOSE participating, acquisition of prizes and the option to turn in reading logs, BINGO / challenge cards, and entry slips will be contingent upon when and how the library can officially allow patrons back in the building. 

What ages can participate in Summer Reading Program? 

- All ages are welcome to participate! We have a reading program and prizes for ages 0-pre-K, kids, teens and adults. 


Do I need to be a member of your library / have a library card with you to participate in your SRP?

- No. Anyone can participate, whether they are a member of our library or not.


How do we participate online? 

- Each child wishing to participate must register using one of the links below, designated by the school grade they will be entering at the start of the 2020 school year.Those entering the 6th grade may choose to participate in either the kid’s program OR the teen program, but only one. Kids in 0 - pre-K CAN participate in the kid’s program, but can only be registered with ONE option.

- Once registered, participants will complete reading and activity challenges to earn prizes. There is a family management option where accounts can be linked and managed from one login (can be found on the Wandoo homepage), regardless of which program each participate is registered for! More information regarding Family Management can be found HERE.

Click HERE to register for the pre-reader program (grades 0 - pre-K)

  • There are twenty-four activities in the “My Challenges Tab” of the digital log, twelve per level. All challenges must be completed to finish the level and redeem the corresponding prize.
  • The printed log consists of two sides with 12 activities each.  All twelve activities per side of the printed log must be completed to finish the level and redeem the corresponding prize.
  • Activities for both logs may be adjusted to fit the child’s developmental needs and abilities. Completing all twenty-four activities enters the child into our grand-prize drawing!
  • Prizes are as follows:
    • PRIZE 1: Rubber Ducky 
    • PRIZE 2: Book 
    • Grand Prizes: (1) Plush Dragons and Castle, (1) Plush Unicorns and Castle
  • Click HERE to download the printable pre-reader log!


Click HERE to register for the kid’s program (grades K - 6)

  • Whether your child participates online or with our printable cards, they will track the number of minutes they read or are read to, and the challenges they complete to finish each level. Each completed level earns a prize AND an entry into our grand prize drawing. The challenges are the same on the digital log and the Bingo cards.
  • On our digital end, each “level” is considered completed by finishing at least four of the eight challenges in each challenge section (challenge 1, challenge 2, etc.) and logging 120 minutes of reading time.
  • With the printed Bingo cards, children must complete TWO Bingos (across, down or diagonal) per card to be eligible for that designated prize. Challenges / BINGO cards can be completed in any order. Minutes logged can be in any increment and at any time with the digital log. 
  • Once all five levels / BINGO cards have been completed, continue to log minutes and move on to the BONUS levels to earn additional entries. There are three additional BONUS levels / BINGO cards
  • Prizes are as follows.  
    • LEVEL/CARD 1: Ice Cream Coupon 
    • LEVEL/CARD 2: Grab Bag Prize 
    • LEVEL/CARD 3: Book 
    • LEVEL/CARD 4: Grab Bag Prize 
    • GRAND PRIZE: “Back to School” prize pack & Meijer gift card
  • Click HERE to download and print all BINGO and BONUS cards


Click HERE to register for the teen program (grades 6 - 12) 

  • Registering for our teen program automatically earns participants the prize of a book! When allowed, head into the library to choose your prize from our great selection!
  • To participate online, log each book you read throughout the summer and complete challenges along the way to earn entries into our bi-weekly prize drawing. Each book read earns one entry, and every THREE challenges completed earns one entry. 
  • The bi-weekly prize drawing will happen at each branch and be drawn from entries submitted during that session. Have your eye on one prize over the other? Then log / submit those entries for that prize during that specific time period.  All entries from all branches will be eligible for the grand prize drawing. Drawing sessions and prizes are as follows: 
    • 6/08 - 6/27:  Aluminum water bottle w/candy 
    • 6/28 - 7/11:  $10 local gift card (will vary by branch)
    • 7/12 - 7/25:  $10 Meijer gift card 
    • 7/26 - 8/08:  $10 local gift card (will vary by branch) 
    • Grand Prize:  $100 Amazon gift card
  • Click to print off entry slips and Challenge Cards. 


What about SRP for adults? 

  • While we are unfortunately not offering any virtual programming from our previously scheduled presenters, adults also have the option to participate in the reading-end of SRP.
  • Each submission earns an entry into our prize drawings at the end of the program. This year we will be offering one grand prize drawing of a Kindle Reader, plus various gift cards to local businesses!
  • For those wishing to submit their entries manually, the entry slip is available for printing HERE. Or just keep a running list and once patrons have access to the library again, fill the ballot box! 
  • All adults who participate in Summer Reading Program 2020, whether you submit one entry slip or 100, will earn a clip-on reading light as a sign-up prize!
  • Registration prizes will be distributed when curbside pick-up is available, and patrons are allowed inside the library buildings again.
  • Submit an online entry form for all books, audiobooks or magazines you read or listen to during the summer HERE.

How do we collect prizes?

- Those participating digitally will come to the library and let library staff know they would like to collect their prizes. Library staff will assess their account and distribute prizes accordingly. For those participating with printed materials, bring your logs, Bingo cards, challenge cards and entry slips to the library to collect your prizes. Prize collection is subject to change and will be dependent on when and how the library can allow patrons access to the building. Prize collection will be extended beyond the official end of Summer Reading.


Will there be a way to participate in SRP but not online? 

- Absolutely. For those wishing to participate in our traditional style, you can find all the necessary printables HERE or under each program breakdown above. Again, the ability to claim prizes and submit entry slips will depend on when and how the library is able to operate again. We will update our website and social media with more information as updates become available.


Will we be able to pick up printed handouts at the libraries? 

- Once the library can either a) offer a curbside pick-up option or b) allow patrons into the building, printed documents will be able to be collected at all branches.


Are you offering anything in place of the programs and activities you would normally have during SRP?

- We will be having virtual programs via Zoom and other digital platforms. You can find the schedule HERE. We will also post events on our Facebook page, so make sure to like and follow us there.
- The library has also come up with a variety of fun activities using commonly found household items, as well as created requestable grab-and-go kits that can be acquired at all of our branches.

  • You can find those currated lists under @ Home Activities by clicking HERE.


What are Grab and Go Kits and how do we get them?

- Grab and Go Kits are bags with supplies for different activities in them. There are kits for ages pre-reader all the way through t(w)eens. Grab-and-Go Kits are available with limited supply on a first-come, first-serve basis at all of our branches. We are limiting kits to two kits per child per visit, with one of each kit allowed. There are four different categories of kits: Storytime activities (themes correspond to our weekly storytime), toddler activities (for sensory exploration and motor skill development), kid activities (geared toward those in grades kindergarten to 5), and t(w)een activities (best suited for grades 4 and up). Stop by any of the branches to pick up your Grab-and-Go kits!