Summer Reading Program is returning to the Lenawee District Library beinning Monday June 7, and will run through Saturday August 7.

Summer Reading will look similar to last year. In the interest of public health and the safety of our patrons, staff, and performers, we are continuing to comply with social-distancing rules and current Covid regulations. Because of this, we will host a variety of fun digital programs, including WOW! Wednesdays, storytimes, and craft programs.

There are reading challenges for children, teens, and adults, which will function largely the same as previous years, including awards for challenge completion and entries into prize drawings.

This summer, we are excited to offer online participation for all of our readers through Beanstack, also available as an app.

Continue reading for more information regarding online participation as well as links to access and print paper logs.

What ages can participate in Summer Reading Program?

All ages are welcome to participate! We have a reading program and prizes for ages 0-pre-K, kids, teens and adults. 

Do I need to be a member of your library / have a library card with you to participate in your SRP?

No. Anyone can participate, whether they are a member of our library or not.

How do we participate online? 

Online participation is easy!

  • Download the Beanstack app to your phone or smart device, or visit The Beanstack Website.
  • Create an account under “register as individual or family.” The account creator is the person who will be logging information (typically the adult) throughout the summer. This person can also be a reader. Multiple readers can be registered under one account. There will be an option to add other readers when creating an account, as well as after an account is active.
  • Once your account is created, each reader can select a challenge in which to participate and all are ready for the Summer Reading Program!

Once registered, participants will select the challenges in which they wish to participate and complete reading and activity challenges to earn prizes. For a complete breakdown of each participation level, keep reading!

Pre-reader program (Babies - pre-K)

  • Online: There are twenty activities in the pre-k program. All challenges must be completed to finish the program. Finishing the activities earns a prize and entry into the grand prize drawing.
  • The printed log consists of two sides with 10 activities each. All activities of the printed log must be completed in order to earn a prize and entry into the grand prize drawing.
  • Activities may be adjusted to fit the child’s developmental needs and abilities.
  • Prizes are:
    • REGISTRATION: Finger puppet 
    • COMPLETION: Book and 2 Corner Park passes
    • GRAND PRIZE: Lakeshore Learning Mix & Match Magnetic Animals
  • Click HERE to download and print the pre-reader log!

Kid’s program (grades K - 6)

  • Whether your child participates online or with our printable log, they will track the number of minutes they read or are read to.
  • Prizes are awarded at three hour intervals
  • Children can earn extra entries into the grand prize drawing by completing challenge cards or activity badges (in Beanstack). These can be done at any time and in any order.
  • Prizes are:  
    • Registration: Taco Bell coupon and Temporary tattoo
    • 3 Hr  LEVEL 1: Local Ice Cream Coupon 
    • 6 Hr.  LEVEL 2: Grab Bag Prize 
    • 9 Hr.  LEVEL 3: Book 
    • 12 Hr. LEVEL 4: 2 Corner Park Passes  
    • GRAND PRIZE: Toledo Zoo family membership (1 yr)
  • Download and print the Reading Log and Challenge Cards

Teen program (grades 6 - 12)

  • Registering for our teen program automatically earns participants the prize of a book! Head into the library to choose your prize from our great selection!
  • To participate online:
    • Log each book you read throughout the summer to earn entries tickets for our bi-weekly prize drawing. Each book read earns one entry.
    • There are eight activity badges equivalent to the challenge cards. Each completed badge also earns a ticket for the biweekly prize drawings.
    • Under TICKET DRAWINGS, patrons can choose which drawings to submit their tickets. For example, if you want a better chance at winning drawing 3, go ahead and put them all there. Readers MUST enter their tickets into a drawing, tickets are not automatically entered into biweekly drawings
  • To participate in person:
    • Fill out an entry slip for every book you read and put it into the Teen Entry Slip bucket.
    • There are also 8 Challenge Cards that can be completed for extra entries. *Note, Challenge Cards can only be completed ONCE.
    • Physical entries will be submitted to the current drawing at time of receipt.
  • The bi-weekly prize drawing will happen at each branch and be drawn from entries submitted for that drawing. All entries from all branches will be eligible for the grand prize drawing.
  •  Drawing sessions and prizes are as follows: 
    • Registration: choice of a book
    • 6/07 - 6/26:  Aluminum water bottle w/candy 
    • 6/27 - 7/10:  $10 local gift card (will vary by branch)
    • 7/11 - 7/24:  $10 Meijer gift card 
    • 7/25 - 8/07:  $10 local gift card (will vary by branch) 
    • GRAND PRIZE:  $100 Amazon gift card; $50 Amazon gift card
  • Click to download and print entry slips and Challenge Cards. 

What about SRP for adults? 

  • Adults can participate three ways this year : Through the Beanstack website or app, by emailing their entries, or by submitting their slips in person at any of our branches.
  • Log every book, magazine, or audiobook you enjoy either on the app or with an entry slip.
  • Every submission earns an entry into our grand prize drawing at the end of the program.
  • On Beanstack, patrons will earn tickets for every book / material logged.
    • Under TICKET DRAWINGS, patrons can choose into which drawing those entries go. For example, if you want a better chance at winning drawing 3, put them all there. Or just choose the current entry if you don’t have a preference.
    • Readers MUST enter their tickets into a drawing, tickets are not automatically entered into biweekly drawings.
    • This can also be done with our other submission methods.
  • For those wishing to submit their entries manually, pick up entry slips at any of our library branches. You can only participate at one library. The entry slip is available for printing HERE.
  • All adults who participate in Summer Reading Program 2021, whether you submit one entry slip or 100, will earn a clip-on reading light as a sign-up prize!
  • Email your entries to [email protected]
  • Drawing sessions and prizes are as follows:
    • Registration: Clip on reading light
    • 6/07 - 6/26:  $25.00 local greenhouse gift card 
    • 6/27 - 7/10:  $25.00 Sauce Bar and Grill gift card
    • 7/11 - 7/24:  $25.00 Meijer gift card
    • GRAND PRIZE:  Kindle Reader and other booklover swag

How do we collect prizes?

  • Those participating digitally can come to the library and let library staff know they would like to collect their prizes. Library staff will access their account and distribute prizes accordingly. For those participating with printed materials, bring your logs to the library to collect your prizes.

  • All entry slips, challenge cards, and reading logs must be turned in by the end of library hours on Saturday August 7.

Will we be able to pick up printed handouts at the libraries?

Yes, all of our library branches will have all necessary materials onhand starting June 7.

Are you offering programs and activities during SRP?

We will be having virtual programs via Zoom and a couple of outdoor, in-person programs. You can find the schedule HERE on our calendar. We will also post events on our Facebook page, so make sure to like and follow us there.

Many of our Wow! Wednesday programs will have accompanying kits with them. Make sure to pick up your kit before the program so you can participate!

We will also be releasing biweekly Grab -n- Go kits, as well as origami instructional videos with Ms. Barb.

  • New Grab -n- Go kits will be available on Monday June 7, 21; Friday July 2, Monday July 19; Monday August 2.

  • Origami videos will be released on  Monday June 14, 28; Monday July 12, 26.

What are Grab and Go Kits and how do we get them?

Grab-n-Go kits are prepackaged activities with supplies and instructions. We will have kits available for pre-k, kids, and tweens.

Supplies are limited and are available on a first-come-first-served basis, and are available at all of our library branches.