District Library

On November 14th, 2012 The Lenawee County Library became The Lenawee District Library. On August 6th, 2013 a levy was passed by voters to collect a millage to help fund the Lenawee District Library in 2014. Creating A district system is an opportunity to secure the library's finances and to make it grow.


What is the district?

Click here to see a description of the boundaries and a district map.

What changes will I see if I live in the district?

Those who own property within our district boundaries will pay annual taxes toward a millage to support the Lenawee District Library. The 0.6 mills will raise an estimated $968,400 in the first year. The estimated cost per year for a home valued at $150,000 is $45.00, $100,000 is $30.00, and $50,000 is $15.00. If you are a part of the district and you pay into the millage, your library card and services are free.

What will happen if I am not a part of the district? Can I still get a library card?

Those who do not live within our district boundaries can still get a library card, but because they do not pay toward the millage, their library card will not be free. The cost of a library card for a non district member will be $30.00 for a year or $15.00 for six months for an individual card or for all cards issued to a family living at the same address.

What is required of me to get a library card?

All patrons must provide proof of residence. Acceptable proof of residence is limited to: Driver’s License or State ID with current address, current utility bill, lease agreement, property deed, current tax receipt, or voter registration. Patrons under 18 years of age must have their application signed by parent or legal guardian of the minor. Parent must provide proof of district residence for free card. The person who signs the library card application for a child under the age of 18 years is responsible for any outstanding fines, bills or overdue material on the child's library card.

Will I be able to get a free "Internet Only" card if I do not live in the district?

Free "Internet Only" cards can be given to non-resident patrons who wish to use the internet, but do not wish to pay for a card or any patron who does not have proof of a current address. Patrons with "Internet Only" cards cannot check out any items from the library.

When will all of the district changes officially take place?

The library will not see any funds from the millage or begin to make any official changes until January 1st, 2014.