Life isn't a lot of things. It isn't fair or simple, and rarely what you expect it to be. What life is, is complicated and full of random events that can change the course of everything you have planned.

Alba Solomon and Dom Cardone are learning this together.

Their worlds are miles apart, but overnight an innocent kiss turns into something bigger. Now, they must keep their relationship a secret from everyone, especially her fiancé.

While You Were Gone tells the story of the two lovers as they struggle to keep their feelings within the boundaries of her engagement. What initially begins as a sexually motivated affair soon causes emotions to be tested, trust weighed, and another life-lesson taught: That the right choice, the easiest choice, and the best choice are rarely ever the same choice.

"...Annnnd then bam! Huge twist end that came out of no where...."

"The characters were so real to me. I could imagine them vividly, and the story line was unique and kept me wanting more."

"I quickly became hooked on this book and the characters."

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